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Bio-Electrical Grounding - Roots

Fly high with your feet firm upon the ground


We have the potential to be rooted as all trees are but with one advantage, we can move around. Therefore learning how to maintain one's grounding has now become absolutely necessary.

Once our skeleton is deeply earthed we are then capable of producing light. Light grows from within, overflows and becomes vibrancy. Then our body is released of its past tensions and we rise up to this moment feeling new. Otherwise the first strong emotional or psychological wind blowing and we all get blown over.

Therefore feeling grounded and getting what we want essentially, are two sides of the same coin. When there are difficulties in our life however it is usually because of us going too fast, too speedy. So to slow down, naturally, is to feel one's feet firm upon the ground.

For us to comprehend just how to sit and stand right is very refreshing, then our energy battery the Hara recharges. We become simply ready for spontaneous actions whenever and wherever necessary.

By taking a position and standing rooted as all bio-electrical trees are, is our birthright. Accepting responsibility therefore for celebrating this life we can fly high, flying high with our feet firm upon the ground, deeply rooted.

During this weekend we will be working with various methods: Bare Foot Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Nirvata Spinal ChiGong, Deep grounding, Breath Release and Osho Tibetan Pulsing Healing.

Begin Friday 3:00 pm
End Sunday 6:00 pm

6 three-hour sessions - 330 Euro

"The body will always shift to a position within gravity which is balanced and functional if we give it a chance.
Then beauty arises from within and it overflows as an expression of our health and well being. This is sitting with the head over the pelvis."

Book "Richtig Sitzen" by Nirvata