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Spinal Adjustments

Weekend Seminar with Nirvata


Posture health and body/mind harmony is our birthright. Awareness is the only requirement for today's self help agendas. We all must pay more attention towards our sitting standing and walking. In the work domain so many people are sitting like bananas and wonder after some time why their back and neck suffer? It is now absolutely necessary that we all arise out of our self imposed suffering and low energy expressions.

Spinal adjustments are made available through the readiness and preparation of the body, with massage, bodywork, grounding, Chinese cupping and breath release. To adjust the spine it makes it possible to uplift the individual from being identified with a pain and or tension, and give them a much needed break from unhealthy periods of mind dominance, pain focus etc.

We are conditioned to be of the mind and when there is an imbalance within the spinal column it makes it easier for us to get identified with the negative aspects of our experience. Correcting those imbalances which manifest from defeated posture it becomes possible to be uplifted by a new sense of wellbeing and uprightness.

This body we reside within is an opportunity to delight in positive electrical current flow. And any misalignment within the back bone will inhibit this natural delight which manifests when the spine is loose and natural and upright. Spinal adjustments performed alone can usher in anew chance for the client to feel unburdened. Mere spinal adjustments have their place.

However the spinal adjustments Nirvata and Erich Kuhlmann are demonstrating and making available, are well prepared for by using any and all techniques to establish a let go of those tensions, which cause the individual to collapse within gravity, thus making the adjusting of the spine easy and natural.

This is not about adjusting the spine only it is about recognising the behaviour which is inappropriate and correcting bad habits of slouching and complaint. We are the source of all problems and equally so the source of all necessary solutions. Healers heal thy self!

Begin Saturday 9 am - End Sunday appr.5 pm

4 three hours blocks

Prerequisite: This seminar is for health pracitioners and doctors only.

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