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Fortgeschrittenes Rajneesh Rebalancing

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To release the body we must care to bring the physical, the emotional and the psychology along in one state of integrity and harmony. Each aspect affects the other two. When the body is out of balance we feel the imbalance in the other two spheres. Soft tissue release, joint release, breath release, spinal adjustments, emotional release, and grounding techniques are a few of the highlights being presented within this training.

To learn what ways we defeat our fullest potential from being realised, we can work with the physical body, releasing the contracted areas pulling us out of shape. This essential release of pressure will uplift the physical body within gravity and the other two spheres will follow.

Advanced Rajneesh Rebalancing is giving an opportunity for change to occur in these high technological times. With advanced techniques of deep body work, opening and releasing structural armour, we use breath release and emotional clearing, grounding methods and spinal adjustments. One is taught to bring about harmony between the emotional, the physical and the psychology of the individual. Rebalancing is a moment to moment endeavour once it is achieved.

The body will always shift to a more functional position within the pull of gravity. All physical holding and tensions, start out as a functional holding pattern, and later on being nailed into the soft tissues, thus affecting the vertical lift of the body. For example a dentist is always leaning towards their patient, twisting and rotating, spiralling into their work. This affects his overall posture and a twisting of the body is apparent within gravity. He holds it together in an essential holding pattern, as it is a function of his work.

For this holding pattern to manifest itself structurally it is then the deeper holding pattern between the two. Functional holding is easy to release with awareness and opening gestures before and after work. Structural holding once it is established then one must go in and dig it out. All holding patterns start out as a function of our work or play. Without awareness guiding us we stumble and trip into holding patterns, which manifest at a much deeper level affecting us not only structurally but the internal organs loose their space to work undisturbed.

From functional holding to structural holding patterns we introduce how to avoid inappropriate use of the physical body. How to assist the breathing to be free, full and open and what a delight it is to feel grounded in these high technological times. An advanced spiralling method is taught to perceive the client within gravity, to focus on their structural holding points, and its pattern within the system. Which when released the body will attain to a royal upright posture free from the nails of suffering being held within the soft tissues.

Advanced Rajneesh Rebalancing training is an opportunity to learn from one of the most skilled deep body workers of today. Nirvata is an original student of Swami Anand Daniel who is one of the founding instructors of Osho and Rajneesh Rebalancing today.