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Nirvata's Recipe for Back Care

Sunrise Posture

Back care presentation over four meetings.
Recommendation: Clients read Nirvata's book: "Right Sitting" before package

First meeting

is to get grounded within the skeletal form, and to clarify and practice the process presented within the Right Sitting book. This is an opportunity to practice methods for strengthening the body and back. The first session will address how one should sit and stand with a firm grounded connection upon the earth. And with the feet feeling stable we introduce how to bring composure and posture to one's body. The body will always float to a position within gravity which promotes more ease.

Second meeting

will be a practical application of the tips and fun practices which are the remaining aspects from the Right Sitting book. To open yourself to more vital energy is possible once you feel grounded. We bring you through a self encountering process, where as, you can eliminate self imposed negative habits of poor posture.

Third meeting

we practice meridian stretching exercises to further enhance the body mind to align towards the vertical. With the application of specific stretches towards the back and body, you can target your own problem areas, the lower back or neck for example. We introduce you to methods to resolve problem areas and provide clear and precise posture awareness, for eliminating the tensions which are blocking the flow.

Fourth meeting

we practice advanced ChiGong and the Five Tibetans. These methods combined will strengthen and align the spine providing a sturdy balance between the emotions, the mind and body. To feel at ease because of the release of one's personal tensions, and then to apply methods for securing stability, one lives uplifted. To maintain a healthy spine therefore is a much more creative path, then to always have a need to seek outside help.
A little awareness within the posture is worth millions in the course of prevention.