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Right Sitting

Sunrise Posture

When you consider that while reading this note you are most likely sitting down on a chair. Well then if your chair is adjustable adjust the height for your sit bones to be a little higher than your knees by one centimetre. In this approach you can offer a good foundation for your spine while you are sitting. Also your heart will then feel supported by the pelvis as you come into true grounding electrically through your feet's contact with the earth.

To read this text with the sit bones clearly positioned upon the chair it then becomes possible for you to rock your chair. This rocking is exactly what was not tolerated when we were children in school. To be able to rock your chair while sitting is made possible because of the strength you feel deep within your belly.

This rocking of the chair helps to bring one into contact with the sit bones first. Then finally we can rest upon the sit bones with the chair firm upon the ground. Your body is always ready to shift into a more aligned sunrise posture.

Your strength grows and grows while you sit relaxed and connected and then it will finally overflow. This overflow of strength is blissful and it can be used for stacking your vertebras one upon the other until the spine is vertical within gravity.

" We can all rise out of our self imposed suffering of always having a stiff neck or lower back pain.
A little correction within the posture is worth millions in the course of prevention.
To sit for example only upon the sit bones has become absolutely essential now, and it is simply natural.
We are conditioned to sit on the coccyx sacrum and this has had negative effects upon the rest of the spine."

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