Forestsuniversity - Colon Cleaning with Herbal Power

Colon Cleaning with Herbal Power

This colon cleaning process is made up of herbs organically grown in Europe. Selected parts of plants are gently dried and ground (no extracts). You can easily do this colon cleaning process at home and it takes only a little time in your daily schedule. It can be done with your normal food, without fasting, diet or irrigation. It cleans gently yet efficiently a colon already stressed. It stabilises and balances the colon bacteria and supplies nutrients for the lacto bacteria.
You yourself decide how slow you clean your colon.

Results of the Colon Cleaning

    1. These herbal mixtures will clean the colon deeply of old deposits where unhealthy fungi and an instable bacteria culture can grow. The herbs support the natural lacto bacteria culture to be built up again.
    2. Through relaxation of the whole belly the lower spine can lengthen and find more stability.
    3. The detoxication of the whole body also shows through the clearing and the deep cleansing of the skin; other inner organs like the kidneys, the lungs and the liver start to support the elimination of useless deposits held within the body.
    4. The enhanced absorption of nutrients in the small intestine and colon give the body more vitality and energy, the immune system is again ready to work at the optimum.
    5. Bad eating habits and addictions can be eliminated together with the old deposits. A new beginning is possible, without fighting with the old habits.

Why is colon cleaning needed?

    1. 80 % of the immune system is located in the intestines and lymph system. Colon cleaning supported by natural good food, has been used in all cultures, to strengthen the immune system and therefor our overall health. An intact immune system prevents the growth of parasites, germs and fungi which feed off old crusts in the colon.
    2. Processed food, medication, antibiotics, stimulants, drugs etc. create a chaotic imbalance of the colon bacteria and the whole metabolism. The important lacto bacteria are not nourished and the colon's capacity to absorb nutrients is decreasing.
    3. Constant pressure and stress in our daily life, over stimulation and speed, emotional shocks and fears, contribute to the tensions within the colon which needs periods of rest and a balanced emotional life to function harmoniously.
    4. For eliminating the huge amount of chemical ingredients we are daily subjected to ( f.e. chemical fertilisers and insecticides, artificial flavours, air pollution) we use the power of the herbs.

The herbal colon cleaning process consists of different herbal mixtures:

    1. Colon-Liver powder
    2. Herbal drops
    3. Absorbing powder
    To give the herbs time to do the cleaning we recommend a period of 10 - 12 weeks. We support your progress throughout the whole process with personal counselling.