Forestsuniversity - Nirvata Posture School

Offer for Backcare - Individual Sessions


Difficulity for the spine: weak back muscles, muscle tension, bad motor-coordination, over weight, bad posture!

Outer processes like ambition make us go beyond the limits of our body, the body breaks down.

Start listening to warning signals of the body.

Eliminate bad posture.

Learn again: balance between tension and relaxation.

With the help of the pulse beat: eliminate pain, relax the muscles, change habitual patterns of posture.

We offer prevention rather than cure: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, strengthening of body and soul

We offer specific exercises to strengthen the spine which you can continue at home.

Change your position while sitting = dynamic sitting.

More own engagement for exercises and movement.

Listen to your body all the time, listen to the its signals.

Session time 90 minutes

First session 130 Euro; every next session 110 Euro.

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